Rome, ‘Guglielmo Marconi’ University, Sala Vittoria Colonna, October 16-18 2019

Due to the challenges of internationalization, recent years have seen a significant growth of interest in the topic of linguistic diversity: in addition to the complex situations concerning historical minorities, which still deserve protection and attention, the new varieties and cultures connected with contemporary migration should be analyzed and studied. 

The present year marks the twentieth anniversary of the 482/1999 law ' Norms for the protection of historical linguistic minorities '. This anniversary offers the opportunity to reflect on language policies in Italy, taking into account the new aspects connected with recent migration processes.

The international conference “Multilingualism and Language Planning” will take place at the University ‘Guglielmo Marconi’ (Rome), further to a year of intensive research on this topic and with the cooperation between the University and the Federazione delle Associazioni Sarde ‘Sardinian Association Federation’ and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

The conference will include four thematic sessions:

  1. Multilingualism

    Multilingual situations, linguistic repertoires, linguistic attitudes and identity, language contact in plurilingualism situations.

  2. Language policy abroad

    Multilingual situations, with special focus on Europe and the Mediterranean basin, protection of minorities in national legislation, linguistic rights, Corpus and Status planning, birth and protection of new minorities, local languages and protection, minority languages and education, ‘visibility’ of minority languages;

  3. The 482/1999 law: analysis and evaluation

    Advantages and disadvantages of the law: linguistic and legal implications, evaluation of activities held in schools, universities and cultural institutions, minority languages and media.

  4. Case study: Sardinian languages

    Sardinian languages in education system, visibility of Sardinian languages, Sardinian and other Sardinian languages in TV and other media, linguistic identities, corpus planning, Sardinian in emigrant communities, The regional 22 / 2018 Law ‘Regulation of Regional Linguistic Policy'.

The conference will include 8 keynote speakers, a number of selected oral presentations (20 minute presentation and 10 minute discussion) and a poster session. Several slots of the poster session will be reserved to proposals submitted by cultural associations working in the field of the promotion and the protection of regional and minority languages.

The submitted abstracts (both for the oral presentations and for the poster session) will be selected by the scientific committee through an anonymous process of peer-reviewing. Abstracts should not be longer than one thousand words, including examples and references, and must be summitted no later than 21 July 2019 to Notifications of acceptance will be sent by 31 July 2019.


Luca Alfieri, Franco Fanciullo, Vittorio Ganfi, Gabriele Iannàccaro, Daniela Marzo, Simone Pisano, Matteo Rivoira, Fiorenzo Toso, Maurizio Virdis.


Luca Alfieri, Angela Bianchi, Vittorio Ganfi, Fabio Luppi, Roberta Melazzo, Simone Pisano.